The paradox of intelligence over common sense.

The paradox of intelligence over common sense.

All too often it seems that people are burdened with running all aspects of a business, especially for nanotechnology start-ups. In reality, our time cannot be spent doing everything; inventing, experimenting, innovating, raising capital, engineering, developing a strategy or vision, researching, more testing and piloting.

Project managing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, handling communications, recruiting, developing customer relation models, managing people, accounting for the profitability and the finances of that business. Very few organisations have the very best of all attributes, and nobody can master everything, all at the same time.

There are many pockets of knowledge, but rarely are they connected and joined together. We are all too busy, and sometimes lack the knowledge, to find or solve these missing links. Who is going to fill this void? Who is going to fill these missing links? Who is going stand up for the organisations working in this space and more importantly communicate the messages to everyone?

We therefore have a paradox of intelligence over common sense.

Different skill sets and disciplines working in isolation and often in different geographic locations makes for a very inefficient system. We need to build an inter-connected creative environment to deliver true legacy and stimulate disruptive innovation. That includes how the money comes in and is circulated.

We need to create a community with safe boundaries to bridge that gap across the world, and possibly fast-track cutting-edge science to readiness in 5 years, instead of 25 years, so that we can solve real-world problems before it’s too late. Quite often the world ofcommerce does not sit easy with the world of science. But together they are stronger and this will only come from collaboration and understanding.

So we decided to create a vision which tackles these issues for the benefit of everyone. The World Nano Foundation is today born out of that vision. The World Nano Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, which will work and collaborate with a wide variety of partners worldwide. It will galvanise support and funding for enabling technologies.

We can all see the huge potential of these technologies and the need for commercialising them is apparent. Many of you in the room will have a big part to play in that change I am sure.We have been researching now for over a year and feel that to maximise the success of such innovation and advancement, its key that the world works together.  So, we can all see and enjoy the benefits.

In short.  We are an organisation who’s mission is “Supporting the science of the ultra-small, for the benefit of all.”

In the long term, we hope to widen our aims, to collaborate and support all science in the pursuit of a better, fairer and safer world. Support will be given from the Foundation to a diverse range of activities across various platforms. Including support with investment, collaboration, R&D, IP, testing, communications , sales and marketing, science and business incubators, lobbying and much more besides. Events like this will be held around the world, to increase collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge.  We will celebrate and recognise members of the Foundation through awards and education, also focusing on business and public engagement.

We will create tangible action plans, and carry out detailed research. This will feed into a central index, which will be shared amongst the Foundation community. The goal is to pool knowledge and experience, through the development of partnerships in Business and Science.

We will create several centres of excellence across the World, where there will be incubators, vital resources and access to expertise and new relationships. I will now go into a little bit more detail about the core strategies and principles which will underpin much of the work the foundation will do in the next few years.


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