Transforming nano theory into commercial success

For nanotechnology start-ups and companies looking to adopt nanotechnology due to shift in a market environment, it can be difficult to transform theory into commercial success.

Effective nanotechnology transformation and commercial success comprises of four key inter-related factors. Two of these, are about purpose and core values. These are more static factors that should form the guiding principles that determine the desired ultimate destination or route for the technology or its company and how to reach it in broad terms.

In contrast, Nano Transformation capabilities and Change transformation objectives are more dynamic factors. These reflect the current and expected future state of the external environment and should be modified to ensure that the organisation is able to maintain its true competitive position.

Nano Transformation capabilities incorporate two separate but inter-related components: Strategic Focus and Strategic Capabilities. These combine to give an organisation its unique market positioning as well as determining the way in which it needs to change in order to tap into its competitive position now or over time.

The organisational Strategic Focus, which propels it forward, is the deep-rooted understanding of what the organisation does and why it does it. This leads it to seek improved ways of pursuing this effectively given the right environment in which it is currently seeking to operate in.

These Strategic Capabilities comprise the unique combination of abilities that make the organisation capable and effective at what it does or plans to do; this differentiates it from competitors. These reflect the unique ways in which

Nanotechnology commercial companies have learned to more effectively combine and integrate people-related skills and expertise with non-people related assets such as capital, technology and established organisational systems and processes. These must continually evolve and develop with the business strategy and objectives to drive effective nanotechnology commercial transformation and business performance.

Properly defining the organisations Change Transformation ability is important in order to drive and propel the changes in ways that help ensure that a company can achieve and sustain its unique market positioning for future business performance.


The World Nano Foundation members can access support to help them with all four key factors from experienced professionals.

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