Revolutionary graphene lithium battery launched

The Graphene Corporation, a London based Nanotechnology businesses, launches a Graphene Lithium Battery to revolutionise battery life in consumer products and energy storage.

The battery, which has been under Development for 18 months, significantly increases energy density and reduces charge time. In a mobile phone battery, the energy density has been increased by 45% and the charge time reduced by 60%. The technology has been configured across various applications which include electric vehicles, energy storage, mobile phones and other consumer products.

It’s makers, The Graphene Corporation, who are based in London, focus on developing highly innovative products using advanced nanomaterials. They produce all variants and grades of Graphene which are specifically configured for each product type.

The Graphene Corporation, has already received statutory approval to increase graphene production capacity to 90 tonnes per annum as part of our scale up plan from our factory in Bangalore.

Jas Kandola, CEO says “this is a significant milestone for our business and a testament to the hard work and skill of our scientists and engineers who have worked tirelessly to bring this innovative technology to fruition. We have successfully re-engineered the leading battery technologies and initially developed Graphene Lithium and Graphene Lead batteries for our clients. Further developments are planned.”

“We are at planning stage with our clients to help them launch improved versions of their existing consumer products using our batteries which deliver significantly improved outcome of having much higher energy density and significantly reduced charge times. One such product being launched imminently by one of our clients is a new mobile phone which has a 30 minutes charge time."