Soon you could be drinking nano-engineered water

Soon you could be drinking nano-engineered water

Nanotechnology is fast becoming interwoven with every fiber of the human society - from medicine to clothing. In fact, a lot of consumers might not have noticed it but they could be soon consuming nano-engineered food, even water.


Nano-engineered water, or hydrozomes, look similar to your ordinary water but their molecules are smaller - around 1/10th the size of ordinary water clusters. Because they are smaller, it is thought the body will easily absorb the water and nutrients into the cells.

Hydrozome is a nano nutrient delivery mechanism that has two functions. First, it delivers nutrients that can be easily absorbed and used by the body. Second, it delivers maximum hydration at the cellular level.

The electrolytes in a normal health or energy drink takes up to one to two hours before they fully get into the cells of the body. Nano-engineered particles, on the other hand, will potentially speed up the process so the body receives the much-needed nutrients.

Aside from the fast delivery, these nanoparticles may also optimize the true potential of the nutrients. Because the body can absorb the nutrients much faster, it is theorized that they can perform their functions more efficiently as well.

This is essentially helpful to people who are undergoing much stress, have gastrointestinal problems, or experiencing fatigue. Because nanoparticles deliver the nutrients into the cells faster than usual, the body also breaks them down easily and gets re-energized in the process.

Nanoparticles are not only found in the water or energy drinks. Nano-engineered materials have already been added in a number of conventional food products, health supplements, and cosmetics. For example, food manufacturers use titanium dioxide to make yogurt, milk, and other dairy products a much whiter color. Other products where nanoparticles are present include cereals, chocolates, pasta, salad dressings, and more.

More and more companies are using nano-engineered particles in their products. And that is good news for people because the body can absorb nutrients more easily.